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Apparently, as far as the Obama campaign is concerned, truth really doesn’t matter in politics


“… the most scorching parts of Hell for those who tried to remain neutral when faced with a moral dilemma”

Paul Schnee, President of ZOA,Western Division, sent this letter to the Mayor of San Francisco, the board of the SFMTA and the San Francisco Chronicle. It also went to the L.A. Times, the L.A. Jewish Journal and the Santa Monica Daily Press — media outlets that slammed our pro-Israel ads. My tiny ad campaign was a media feeding swarm. Needless to say, no one ran Mr. Schnee’s brilliant letter to craven dhimmi officials and media. Not a peep about another anti-semitic ad that just went up in San Francisco — *Bay Area Stop $30 Billion Military Aid to Israel’ is now appearing on San Francisco buses.

Kudos to Paul for his unwavering steadfastness, goodness and conviction. If you missed his oped piece in Israel National News, go here.

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Dear Sirs,

In an unprecedented move the city of San Francisco Metro Transit Authority has decided to place a disclaimer beside this advertisement paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative which appear on 10 city buses:


The city’s disclaimer reads:

“SFMTA Policy Prohibits Discrimination Based On National Origin, Religion and Other Characteristics and Condemns Statements That Describe Any Group As Savages.” How noble but that’s not really the point now, is it? Thus the spirit of San Francisco is captured and crystallized in one revealing sentence. By attempting to remain neutral between Israel, America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, and the genocidal terrorists whose undiminished goal is her extinction the city of San Francisco has managed to align itself with Islamic supremacists who subjugate women, gleefully hang homosexuals, persecute non-Muslim minorities and glorify terrorist killers. If people who regularly commit these kinds of atrocities are not savages then what are they exactly?

In his “INFERNO” Dante reserved the most scorching parts of Hell for those who tried to remain neutral when faced with a moral dilemma. But there is no “dilemma” here for in war the status between the attackers and the defenders and the victors and the vanquished is not interchangeable. There is no moral equivalency between those who wish to destroy the state of Israel and those trying to defend her. NONE! Surely it would be best if the city of San Francisco didn’t get the two confused.

The ZOA’s Western Region calls on the city not to debase itself by placing this embarrassing disclaimer next to the American Freedom Defense Initiative’s advertisement and reminds the SFMTA of Thomas Mann’s observation that, “tolerance is a crime when applied to evil.”

Sincerely, Paul Schnee
Zionist Organization of America
Los Angeles