Lots of people wanted me to give the “bugged” laptop to North Korea anyway!
There is some really important information here, I am going to say it all.
I can’t give the “bugged laptop” to anyone. Because I posted a detailed and accurate explanation for what was done to the laptop, along with a threat to hand it over, and the second I did that, whatever agency bugged it wiped the bug off of it. That’s standard procedure when they have been discovered. I learned from this that:

1. The problems I was having were not caused by a stinger.
2. It was not an internet based bug that watched for my system profile.
3. It was all accomplished via crapware they managed to get onto this computer, possibly in the Bios, but probably into that “rom chip”. I did not actually burn the data path to the recordable section open, I only had in place a command for the operating system to not write to it. If someone had a correct operating system back door, they could bypass that which would have made it possible for them to bug it, but only the NSA or CIA would have figured that out, so now I know who did it.

The battery is probably still bugged, because it was bugged and I knew it. It was the first thing they bugged. They did the ROM chip/system bios later. Batteries have their own processors and memory in them which report battery condition, and these can be bugged with crapware too. I have not given them an opportunity to kill the bug off the battery, so that’s still around to turn over to someone.

Now that I know for certain that all the problems were ones that got planted onto this laptop, the next time I see a problem, it is going straight to the Russians. PERIOD. Anyone attacking this site is a seditious bastard, and needs to be blown out of the power structure. If it takes a foreign nation to accomplish that because we have lost this nation so badly, well, what can I say? They don’t have to risk their assets by just handing them to me! They have been warned . . . .

Problems that vanished:

1. “The website you are trying to access has an invalid security token” – This would happen TWICE each time I tried to log into the server. If people are seeing this, on various web sites, it probably does not mean anything has a problem, it probably means you are bugged. The problem happens when the spook’s remote desktop arrangement screws up and fails to pass you the security token for a secure web site.

2. “This web site is being re-directed to a new location”. One to five times every time I tried to log into the server. POOF, GONE. That problem VANISHED.

3. “Your session token is not valid, please log in again”. Usually it would take me an hour or so to finally get past all their crap, and get onto the server with a legit session token. After they took their crapware off, log ins are instant, permanent, and work the first try.

4. All the problems with getting the wrong version of Cpanel are GONE, (common core JOE was too stupid to know what I was supposed to see, and sent the desktop for the wrong revision of Cpanel to my desktop EVERY SINGLE TIME.) When I’d see that, I knew I was hacked, and the next thing I’d see is “Your session token is not valid, please log in again”.

5. Your IP address has changed, please log in again – This is because idiot JOE did not have the proper configuration ON HIS MACHINE to make the crapware work. His machine should have spoofed all IP’s perfectly and kept them static, but was improperly set up to use dynamic IP’s.

6. Occasionally I’d see whatever pictures idiot Joe was looking at, they’d just magically appear on my screen. That proved I was working on someone elses desktop. one time, idiot Joe sent me a 4K screen that scrolled like I was viewing a football field (my machine actually put up scroll bars to accomodate it!) So that’s what American intelligence is using. That stopped.

I did not mention any of this until idiot joe did an update to his crapware that I saw come in, and it worked perfect, which, because his machine was set up to use DHCP or some other dynamic IP arrangement would constantly get me kicked off the server, which requires a static IP. After trying to get on for four consecutive hours, I posted that I knew they were there via combat mode, a special arrangement I set up that allows a dynamic IP and does not issue a token. It has it’s own edit screen and uses php to inject new content onto the front page, into the window. It is a nice little piece of work, but that’s all “combat mode” was. It was not all that secure, but still secure enough to block out any legit hacker. It allowed me to work through their screwed up remote desktop.

DEAR TROLLING INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, who would occasionally send ridicule to the message window, saying I did not know about security:
I knew what was causing the problems the whole time, and knew it was your own configuration screw ups that caused them but did not say it because I did not want idiot JOE to do a work around that concealed anything. I knew ONLY the CIA or NSA would ever successfully target me, because actually my security was quite good against legitimate hackers. Yes, I know my Linux has that problem with allowing anyone to log in but did not update it, because who, other than the NSA/CIA would ever figure that out, let alone get onto my cell connection to accomplish that? WHO, OTHER THAN THE NSA/CIA WOULD KNOW WHAT CELL TOWER TO HACK ME THROUGH, AND THEN BYPASS WRITE PROTECTION ON THE ROM CHIP SIMPLY BECAUSE I DID NOT ACTUALLY BURN THE DATA PATH OPEN? Idiot JOE’s failure to use a static IP that spoofed mine was sheer idiocy, because it made it perfectly obvious someone had me hacked, ONCE I ACCESS VIA THE CELLULAR CONNECTION MY IP IS STATIC AND I CAN’T GET A MESSAGE IT HAS CHANGED UNLESS SOME IDIOT CAUSES IT. This is a basic requirement of ALL, not just one, ALL my web servers and I had to make sure my web provider always issued a static IP before I even chose to use that provider. If the IP changed I knew I was running off of IDIOT JOE’S DESKTOP. So I was not so stupid after all, Because I knew you were there, and knew the value of keeping my mouth shut about the actual details.

Now you know you had your pants pulled down the whole time. Now you know I can stay shut up about it. And you thought you were smart the WHOLE TIME. And you even poked fun at me a few times. That was stupid, because you were standing in front of me BUTT NAKED while you poked fun. and the next time your asses are hanging out, I’m saying NOTHING, I’ll just pull the (new) battery out and go to the Russian embassy and gift them a free laptop, complete with full instructions on how to avoid having you wipe your stuff off before they nail it. How about that? I have a right to give my shit away!—Jim Stone