I don’t call cutting through the media bullshit to extract a wisdom tooth out of a cranky donkey “supporting the Islamic invasion”. No, I call it This site has a following because time and time again I say stuff you never hear anywhere else that ends up being right And THAT is why the headline starts with HA HA HA, it was not because I was happy about what happened, it was because I made CNN and other hoax news outlets look like crap.

Look, if anyone is not happy because I did not parrot the anti Islamic hatred everyone else spewed, and instead picked through the evidence and posted facts that gave a REASON for what happened and then was subsequently completely right, it only means I am good at what I do and NOTHING MORE.

To be frank, I was actually worried about going so counter to the official story, with all the sob lines getting spewed about rescued ducklings, alt medicine and life coaching and so much love. But I can now state that no, I ought not worry, no, I actually nailed the real story, which then begs the question: why did everyone else bury it? A woman getting shot for meddling in Islamic affairs ought to be big news, right?

Maybe the Jews that own the media don’t want that mentioned, because it shows that there really are activists that actively work to destroy cultures and countries? How about, 30 years ago, Justine would have been going to all the churches rather than mosques, trying to destroy Christian women? is it all fine and dandy that she was trying to liberalize Muslim women, just because they were not Christian? YEP, OUR SOMALI COP RECOGNIZED HER AND BLEW HER AWAY, AFTER SHE SPECIFICALLY WENT INTO THE ISLAMIC COMMUNITY REPEATEDLY TO BE “an activist against Muslim practices against girls and women”. Yes the feminists, 30 years ago WERE ACTIVISTS AGAINST CHRISTIAN PRACTICES AGAINST GIRLS AND WOMEN. None of us snapped. Must be a culture thing. The result was AWFUL.

Anyway, that post is down the page a ways, and no, I am not celebrating the fact that Justine got shot, I said repeately it would have been better to deport her and I am simply happy that as far as I know, I am the only one that actually got the story right and I won’t be eating crow.

There was no loud noise. There was no confusion. The cameras were all off for a reason. Somali dude saw her and SNAPPED. That’s the real headline.—Jim Stone