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DACA teen faces deportation because our immigration and marijuana policies are crazy
Rekha Basu, (The writer is a known leftist-globalist. I have no interest in her latest rant. She is from India. She’s having a nonstop problem with American values. Her problem. )
Crossed the boarder illegally.
Stayed here illegally.
Got health care illegally.
Got a free education illegally.
Likely stole someone´s SS number and used it illegally.
Used drugs illegally.

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Pamela Geller – on September 2, 2017
Internet Censorship: Tech Giants’ War on Free Speech

It’s Stalinesque.

Joseph Stalin airbrushed photos to erase the presence of those who had fallen out of favor. Left-run social media titans are doing the very same thing. They are disappearing me.

My website and posts have been scrubbed from Google search. Fourteen years and over forty thousand posts. Google Adsense has banned my account. Google is blacklisting and has admitted to working with alt-left smear groups to silence opposition. And it’s not just me, it’s all criticism of jihad and sharia.

Facebook has blocked my news-feed. My twitter account is shadowbanned. I have been blocked from uploading videos to YouTube punishment for 2007 video on jihad (and YouTube demonetized all of my videos). Paypal suspended me until an outpouring of condemnation and outrage forced a reversal.

Is this really America?
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